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Advanced Java Programming: J2EE

  • Introduction to j2EE
  • Introduction to servlet,
  • Types of servlets Session tracking with servlet
  • Ajax,XML,JavaScript, JQuery
Those who done with core java course will have the capability to develop desktop applications using SWING and JDBC.J2EE enables the students to develop web applications. Java is the most popular platform, which is used to develop several applications for the systems as well as embedded devices like mobile, laptops, tablets and many more. It is an object oriented programming language and has a simple object model, as it has derived from C and C++.It is still the most pervasive platform, whether you want to use it for developing smart card applications, mobile applications, or server-side enterprise applications. It is a great language for beginners to start out with, and to continue across the curriculum. It is important for information technology industry to develop and create multiple web-based or server based applications to enhance the industrial competency. There is huge scope for this programming language.

  • Java EE Application Assembly & Deployment – Packaging Applications, Java EE modules
  • Web application development and deployment Steps
  • Web application deployment
  • Servlets
  • Servlet Terminology.
  • Servlet API
  • JSP(Java Server Pages)
  • Implicit Objects in Expression Language (EL)

Course Regular Track Fast Track
J2EE 30 days 10 days

India option gave me an opportunity to learn such language in excellent manner which has wide range of scope in development field.


Faculties were too supportive to do the projects and classes were purely syllabus oriented.


As we done with core java project and j2ee project i feel more confident in facing interviews.


After completing course from India Options in java j2ee, i feel more confident in my technical knowledge.


It was nice experience from India Option were we got allsupport to do projects using core java and j2ee by our self.


Learning the current technology is little difficult but the faculties at India Options made me to learn it really fast. They are brilliant and good knwoledge of all updated technologies.

Roopesh john

I am really happy that I successfully completed my Java and J2EE classe from India Options, I got sufficient knowledge about the technologies that I learn from here.

Amrutha ks

Become an expert is littile tough but become an expert by learning from a perfect place is simple, India Options is the example and it made me to get more idea about different technologies. Thank you all staff and students for your support and placement services.

Anju T A

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