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Red Hat Storage Server Administration
Course Modules : 1.RH 236 : Red Hat Storage Server Administration
Course duration : 32 hrs
Certification Exam : EX236 Red Hat Storage Server Administration
DURATION : 3 hrs
Mode : performance based lab exam
Conducted by : redhat inc.
Prerequisite : RHCSA certification mandatory
Summary :

  • Red Hat Storage Server Administration is 32 hours course intended for system administrators and storage administrators planning to get expertise knowledge in management of unstructured data for physical, virtual and cloud enviornments using open softwared defined Redhat Storage Server.
  • Curriculum includes gluster, geo-replication, unified file and object storage, ip failover, acls and quotas.

  • Planning and deploying Exchange Server 2013
  • Deploying and configuring a mailbox server and roles.
  • Formulating and monitoring recipient objects available in MS Exchange Server.
  • Deploying and managing Client Access servers.
  • Configuring client connectivity for MS Exchange.
  • Configuration of messaging transport.
  • Implementing and ensuring high availability.
  • Planning and employing disaster recovery mechanisms in Exchange Server 2013.
  • Configuring options for message security.
  • Employing administrative auditing and security for MS Exchange.
  • Troubleshooting for errors and monitoring the MS Exchange Server 2013.

Course Regular Track Fast Track
Storage Server 30 days 10 days

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