Learning Methods

Instructor-Led Training

Although technology-based training is becoming increasingly popular, training experts agree that it will never completely replace classroom training. India Options, utilizes an array of techniques, methods, activities, and training aids available to create and present memorable, meaningful, and successful classroom training sessions.We provides a traditional type of content delivery in-person, face-to-face classroom training, led by a trainer who relies on lecture followed by test questions to ensure competency. Learners are immersed in the training experience as they are asked not only to absorb, but also to perform, along with trainers who may or may not be experts in the subject matter.

interactive classes provide hands-on practical training using our dedicated labs, so you can apply real-world scenarios to practice and refine your own skills.

The benefits of classroom training include:

  • Personalized instruction with face-to-face interaction with instructors
  • Opportunity to interact and share ideas with peers while learning from their questions and examples.

Online Training

India Options helps people with our live and online training solutions, to achieve the skills they need to succeed in their career. You can learn from the comfort of your home.

Our Special Features of Online Instructor Led Training are:

  • Live instructor-led training
  • Certified experts as instructors
  • Official Curriculum and courseware, same as classroom training
  • Flexible dates and timings as per your needs

Corporate Training

To stay ahead in your market, the skills of your people must be on the cutting edge. The more knowledgeable your teams are in the latest business applications and skills, the greater will be your business productivity. We have a wide array of IT skill development programs for all organizational levels – from management all the way to junior level programmers. We do not provide, nor support, the typical mundane class-room training delivery. Our training takes interaction to another level. We provide only practical, power-packed learning experiences based on industry requirement. Participants gain hands-on skills during the sessions, ensuring that knowledge is truly gained and retained.
Our team of training professionals will analyse your training needs and design a training programme best suited to your business .We take great pride in always being rated as the Best Training Partner, by our clients.
To see how we can help you increase your employee performance and productivity with customized corporate training solutions, contact us today.
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